The benefits of investing in the Q-Box You will find in the period up to 3 years, when it’s usually seek financial outlays incurred on a large, kilkumegawatowy, recuperator. Of course, the rate of return on investment of installation Q-Box depends on several factors:

  • the type of fuel used;
  • local fuel costs;
  • working time per year;
  • the temperature and the flow of exhaust gases;
  • the price of uniknionej units of CO2 emissions (EU ETS).

The process of heat recovery from exhaust gas is installed to 0oC in the ciepłowodach or in the exhaust of flue gases. Technical and economic parameters of heat recovery and the calculation of the return period of the investment may be presented to you as a result of the analysis of the parameters obtained after the questionnaire and after the local vision of the State establishment.

Generate savings

Depending on the physical and chemical parameters of the gases in exhaust systems and the possibilities of the investor’s preferences and recovered heat can be used for water heating systems (gas/water) or the initial heating of the intake air from the boiler (gas/gas). Both lead to an increase in productivity of the boiler, which translates to the improvement of the efficiency of the entire manufacturing system and to improve the efficiency of energy use. It also significantly improves the economic and ecological parameters of the working installation. Our experience allow for realistic and verifiable benefits estimates obtained using our solutions. And so, in the existing implementations of basic technical-economic indicators obtained contained within the following limits:

  • to improve the efficiency of the production system 3-7% (the audit Energopomiar Gliwice)
  • investment recovery period from 6 to 36 months.
Founds for innovations
The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy