For whom?

Heat pipes are an industrial product, which markets are created by companies producing or using installations, equipment, machines and devices that use the technology of heat transfer. In addition, thanks to the fitting of recuperators, your company enters in the current trend of increasing energy efficiency, environmental protection and cultural responsibility of the owners of establishments for emission reductions, in accordance with the provisions and rules of the European in the field, with a lot of variety of relationships and the influence of socio-economic activities of the region. Our offer is directed primarily to:

  • heat and power plants,
  • manufacturing enterprises,
  • local heat power engineering companies,
  • municipal objects
  • developers interested in housing energy efficient.

The spectrum of our clients is an element that strongly distinguishes us from commercially available recuperators. This is due to the fact that it is used for heat exchangers, recuperators classic transfer heat from the exhaust air to the inflatable. They have the character of ventilation with heat recovery from exhaust air outside the building, which primarily are intended for homes, apartments and small offices, and so these devices have a limited scope in relation to our products.

Q-Box corrects all indicators performance installation, where it was mounted. Most can be used in:

  • waste heat recovery systems,
  • air heating systems,
  • water heating installations,
  • air conditioning installations,
  • refrigeration installations.

Below we present some examples of applications of modular heat exchangers in the heat industry.

Founds for innovations
The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy