Modular heat exchanger made from heat tubes in comparision to conventional exchangers is characterized by:

  • Heat transfer occurs in such a way as to isothermal temperature changes do not occur — along the exchanger as is the case in traditional practices;
  • High durability and service life of the exchanger-each part of the exchanger is a separate part of working independently (heat exchanger composed of tubes filled with heat;
  • Damage to one of the tubes, heat is not significantly affected by the work of the rest of the heat exchanger — damage to one of the tube causes a decrease of about 0.1% of the heat exchanger efficiency);
  • High efficiency of total heat transfer associated with a large number of individual tubes for high-efficiency heat;
  • Small pressure declines both in the installation of a heat source and the receiving installation, heat-flow of both factors is carried out on the outside of the heating tube sections with large diameters compared to conventional heat exchangers;
  • High tightness of equipment and the lack of opportunities for leaking one medium to another;
  • The simplicity of design and ease of installation, servicing and periodic cleaning;
  • The simplicity of the action — the system works on the principle of the natural heat flow between the factors of different temperatures and does not require any additional contribution of energy;
  • A large amount of heat tube makes getting a large area of heat exchange and hence reducing the overall dimensions of the exchanger;
  • Modular heat exchangers are protected from freezing (water) and the condensation of harmful chemical compounds that can cause corrosion.
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