Recuperator (Q-Box)

Recuperator is a system for heat recovery from the exhaust gases. Its purpose is to increase efficiency of the equipment on which it is installed by reducing the fuel consumption and reduce pollution.

The principle of operation

Recuperator is constructed from tubes and depending on quantities and parameters (diameter, length) Q-Box can retrieve from 100 kW/h up to 15-30 MW/h. The strenght of heat recovery depends on the surface contact between the Q-Box and exhaust gases and can be increased by adding additional heat pipes or increase their diameter or length.

Heat transfer process is done in such a way that one end of the tube to 0oC called evaporation zone comes into contact with the hot environment. The liquid absorbs the heat and the walls of the working factor intensively evaporates. Thanks to the differential pressure in the tube a couple of moves towards the end of her second speed ultrasonic. In the liquefaction of the working factor condenses and gives warmth to the cold environment surrounding this part of the pipe. The condensate returns to the evaporation and the cycle is repeated as long as it keeps the temperature difference between the ends of the tube.

Heat pipe to is a great guide to heat, which is based on a continuous cycle of evaporation and condensation in the work factor. Below is a drawing which shows montage schemes of recuperator.



Recovered heat can be used to:

  • supply air preheating of boiler;
  • space heating with hot air or hot water;
  • steam production technology;
  • d.h.w. heating;
  • heating supply water and condensate is warping back;
  • supply central heating systems.
Founds for innovations
The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy